Apr 22, 2020

A hauntingly good experience

Ecto Cooler buds show off their gorgeous trichomes - a user via Leafly.com
Bold Cultivation's Ecto Cooler flower via Leafly.com

My very first purchase upon obtaining my medical marijuana card was 1/8 oz (3.5 gm) of Ecto Cooler flower from Suite 443 in Hot Springs on February 29, 2020.  The nugs were tightly packed and covered in sparkly crystals, not forgetting to mention the spattering of orange-red hairs wound throughout them.  The flower is in an air tight jar with Bold Cultivation's easily recognizable branding, an information sticker, and my patient ID information label.

I open the child proof jar and my eyes are instantly locked on the beautiful contents inside. The first waft of scent is of citrus from the high amounts of limonene terpenes. Only after grinding and lighting this brightly scented strain do you unlock the smell that can only be described as taking off your gas cap to fill up - pure high octane gasoline.

I placed a chunk of a bud to be about 0.9 gm in my grinder and twisted it to produce a medium fine texture which I prefer for rolling a joint.  After carefully stuffing small amounts of finely cut flower into the end of the Raw Organic Hemp Cone all that was left was to twist and seal the end of my beautiful creation and get ready to take my first hit.  The THC level in this particular batch was 22.6%.  As the smoke filled my lungs I resisted the urge to cough, exhaled through my nose and smiled.  I had never experienced smoking anything quite like this.

The reaction time for myself was a little slower than I expected.  I had just eaten so I blamed it on my full stomach, but once the euphoria started to set in it was hard to ignore.  The effects swept over me like slipping into a warm bath after a morning cup of coffee.  Relaxed yet surprisingly alert.  This feeling continued to grow as I found myself craving the stimulation of electronic music.  I slipped my earbuds in and drifted off into my own world with a mix of Steve Aoki, Marshmello, and David Guetta.  The rest of my day went by smoothly as though I was strolling through lavender fields without a worry in the world.

I personally loved the Ecto Cooler flower which led me to not hesitate from a future purchase at another dispensary (that's for another post!) but it lost my interest after discovering other strains since then.  The flavor profile is highly stimulating: citrusy, fresh and energizing on the nose.  Smells of diesel and wet lumber when combusted.  Effect is relaxing but uplifting without making one feel paranoid or jittery.  Made me much more focused and less impatient or irritated which is great with an overly talkative pre-teen in the house! Overall a 9/10 💚