Apr 29, 2020

Simplicity and convenience in one location

Entrance to Red River Remedy in Texarkana, AR via Leafly.com

Upon first visit to Red River Remedy in Texarkana I honestly couldn't help but laugh - I haven't stepped foot inside an Electric Cowboy in over 10 years, and I'm honestly taken back by how large their building is.  I assume that later on the owners are planning on utilizing the warehouse space for storage and other business matters, but after entering the lobby and dispensary area you would never tell this used to be the entrance to a night club.

Red River Remedy is situated on the south east side of Texarkana on Broad Street, also known as Highway 67, but not accessible from Interstate 49 just through its back yard.  A straight shot from El Dorado via Hwy 82 West and one right turn will get you there quickly and efficiently.  It is close enough to one of the busiest intersections in the state if you know your way around the area.

A contracted security guard is on site on the premises outside the facility door.  He was friendly and welcoming.  The lobby was clean and there is plenty of seating.  During my first visit I was greeted by the receptionist at the front desk who took my medical card, driver's license, and politely asked me to fill out a brief new patient information sheet.  There is a secure door to the dispensary area operated only by the employees.  My information was verified and entered into their system and then I was instructed to enter through the door.

The showroom is clean and has a sharp, old timey pharmacy type aesthetic.  Large gallon glass jars gleam inside the display case full to the brim with beautiful buds.  Everyone is smiling, attentive, and welcoming.  The bud tenders and employees are very conversational and friendly.  Their menu is displayed on large flat screen TVs behind the distribution counter.  Scales and registers are at each end for ease and speed of transactions.

This day I had my first jar sniffing experience.  I had come prepared to purchase some new strains I had never tried before, and being allowed to smell the terpenes of the flower in my opinion is part of the full dispensary experience.  It's like smelling different roasts of coffee or perfume.  You really never know how your senses will react until you are introduced to their aromas first.

I select my products and they are carefully weighed on scales and put in black plastic squeeze-top containers with an information sticker and my patient ID information.  The packaging is not my favorite as it is not completely child safe, but it is sufficient enough.  A male employee offers to laminate my medical marijuana card and I kindly oblige him.  We chat about the long drive from El Dorado and prospective opening dates for Noah's Ark although unfortunately there's not that much to share.  My purchase is placed in a plain paper bag and stapled shut with my receipt.  Smiles all around and gracious southern, "Come back and see us again soon" resonate from around the room.  The security guard flashes a smile, and a sweet "have a nice day, be careful on your trip home" on my way to the car.

On a subsequent visit since the CDC and Department of Health has mandated certain precautions be put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, I did not feel as though I was put in danger of exchanging germs with anyone or that there was not enough space in order to properly distance myself.  I felt very safe and have been happy to return to Red River over the past few months.

The charm and simple structure of this place brings a no-fuss approach to the dispensary options in my area, but I wish the interior was dolled up a bit more.  It seems kind of plain and sterile and not very inviting or enticing.  However I do love that flower is not pre-packaged and can be purchased by the gram, and also that taxes are included in all of their prices so you can come prepared financially before your visit.  There is an ATM inside the secure dispensary room for convenience.  Their full menu is available to peruse at your leisure any time via WeedMaps or Leafly, and their social media is updated regularly.

Red River loses a few marks for their far too simple packaging and lack of branding, both inside and outside the facility.  The road sign still touts the large Electric Cowboy lettering and because the building is so far off of the road it was easy to pass up the first time.  Regardless it will be a dispensary that I will be happy to grace the doorways of until there is one closer by and more convenient to my location.  The flower and cart that I purchased were top notch, fresh, and I was extremely happy with my experience at Red River the first time and each visit since.