Apr 24, 2020

The bubbler you didn't know you needed

The Kettle Bubbler by Ooze
When shopping for a bong, I wanted all of the features with none of the hassle. After browsing the Smoke Cartel Web site for what felt like hours, I came across the products made by Ooze. The bright colors and interesting mold shapes immediately got my attention, but the customer reviews quickly convinced me that if I bought one of their products I wouldn't be anything less than delighted.

From the Smoke Cartel Web site: "This super functional Ooze Silicone Kettle Bong measures 6.25", so you can easily pack it with the rest of your luggage during travel. 
A built-in magnetic strip holds your dabber tool, and the glass chamber is removable, which is convenient for fast cleanups.  Made with durable silicone and glass, which both offering high resistance to heat and the durability of silicone.
Other features are the herb slide and the quartz banger nail, making the water bubbler functional and ready for use. This tool is suitable for use with dry herbs and potent waxes."
The Ooze Kettle's easily interchangeable quartz banger offers another consumption option.
I was extremely pleased with the bright packaging and how well my order was shipped.  Smoke Cartel also offers glass insurance for some of their pieces - pay a small add-on price to replace your bowl or pipe for 50% off if you are to break it.  But what really got my attention was the included quartz banger bowl which got me more bang for my buck - pun intended.  I had been nervous to try concentrates and didn't want a complicated rig dedicated to only dabs - I'm mostly a flower girl - but having the available attachment is very handy and makes a great package kit for the new user all the way to the avid enthusiast. The included bowl is deep enough to hold a nice cherry for an enjoyable smoke sesh.  However mine did not come with the slide grip as I've seen in some pictures, and trying to pull a hot glass bowl can be kind of tricky.
My favorite part about this little bubbler kit is how easy it is to break down and clean!  Everything comes completely apart for super easy cleaning and storage. The silicon body and downstem don't absorb odor, so after a short trip trough some hot soapy water, along with the glass pieces, it's completely skunk free.  The silicon is malleable so it's portable and great for traveling or throwing into a bag.
Ooze Kettle and all of its components

Overall I give this bubbler kit a 9/10.  It's super easy to put together, use, and extra easy to clean. I'll definitely be checking out more of their products in the future! It is missing a couple of features like a safety grip or a slide tab on the bowl for easier removal.

The Ooze Kettle Bubbler Kit can be purchased here from Smoke Cartel or directly from the Ooze Web site via this link.

This post is not paid for or sponsored by Smoke Cartel or Ooze.