May 31, 2020

How to Make Infused Funfetti Doozies

These little cookie sandwiches are as much fun to eat as they were to make, while still being super easy and delicious. And the best part? Each cookie sandwich is about 14 mg of THC!

First thing's first: I don't make homemade stuff if I don't have to. I take advice from one of the greatest cooks ever, Ina Garten, when she says "buy two things and make one homemade".  I'm always down for adding my flair and touch to things without killing myself in the kitchen.

All jokes aside I am a huge advocate of cookie mixes. It's all the dry ingredients pre-measured and mixed and 99% of the time all you have to add is your fat of choice, egg(s) and water.  This particular mix called for 1/2 C of softened butter OR substitute 1/2 C vegetable shortening with 1 Tbsp of water.  I opted for this method and instead used the indica infused coconut oil that I made from my last blog post.  The easy step by step instructions to decarb and infusing instructions on!

Just add the softened coconut oil, water, and a large egg and mix.  I let the cookie batter set in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to prevent the cookies from spreading too much.  I wanted them all about the same size because I knew I would be sandwiching them with homemade buttercream icing!  I baked them for about 9 minutes until they were still chewy in the middle but golden around the edges and fought back the desire to inhale all of them before I got a chance to make the icing.

If you're not a pro at baking, there's a great recipe for simple American buttercream here.  I just made a small batch in a bowl and went to work sandwiching the cookies.

They turned out super cute and the best part is they are delectable and a great dosage amount for most people's tolerances - but not with people for a weak sweet tooth!!

May 22, 2020

Chocolate and cannabis - two of my favorite things

I'm kind of a newbie to making my own edibles but thanks to some clear instructions and guidance from Chelsie and Chris over at CannaCook, I got these chocolates and this double chocolate banana bread done in no time.

Seriously the hardest part of making your own edibles is the math - too strong of a batch and you'll be knocking yourself and anyone else out, not strong enough and you'll feel like you wasted your flower or concentrate.

This last batch of infused oil I made with 100% landrace indica turned out beautiful and even better than my last batch.  It came out to 516 mg total for 14 oz of coconut oil and it was a deep green, almost the same hue as virgin olive oil.

I've since used it to make a batch of infused chocolates and double chocolate banana bread (pictured below).  The chocolates were dosed for micro-dosing.  I knew Aunt Flo was coming and I don't even want to know she's here at all.  The mini loaves banana bread were purposely made a little on the stronger side for a bedtime snack before bed with a glass of milk.  One of these and I slip right off to dreamland but wake up refreshed and ready to face the day which is completely different than my previous experience with pharmaceutical drugs like Trazadone or Ambien.

I hope these edibles posts will encourage you to try your own edibles as well!

Easy Decarb in a Jar can be found by following this link.
Taste of Home Double Chocolate Banana bread - just substitute the fat called for in the recipe with your infused oil or butter!

May 19, 2020

Maybe not radioactive

Chernobyl - a sativa dominant hybrid from Bold Cultivation

As I had said in my last post, I was on my last pretty bud of Green Crack and needed something to pick me up before I completely ran out.  After reading some reviews, they led me to this gorgeous sativa dominant hybrid at Red River Remedy in Texarkana.

Chernobyl is definitely not for the faint at heart - it hits as hard as you would imagine.

This flower smells great and is beautiful to look at.  The nugs are long and slender due to its sativa heritage but there are large flat leaves that are darker scattered throughout.  Brace yourself before hitting the bowl, though.  It almost always makes me cough and hits your chest like a full-flavor cigarette.  Almost too harsh to be tolerable.

The effect is more in my body than I would like. My head feels detached and I'm pretty buzzy which is making it hard to concentrate on writing this review to begin with!

I will smoke through what I have, there's no crying over spilled milk. But I probably won't be going back to this particular strain after all is said and done.

May 16, 2020

Always had high hopes

Lucid Blue (Lucid Dream) from Bold Cultivation
After experiencing the jaw dropping sativa effects of Green Crack (still sad that it's all gone) I was hard pressed to find another strain that gave me the same cerebral stimulus as that particular strain.  When doing some research, I had great expectations upon running across this love child of Blue Dream and Amnesia Haze.  The two phenotypes stand alone but together they made one beautiful baby.

The nuggets are pale sage with bright orange hairs scattered throughout and tinted slightly yellow from the abundance of trichomes all over this flower. It's as gorgeous to look at as it is to smell - immediately I'm reminded of breathing in the wafting steam from a warm cup of green tea with lemon.  The herbal terpenes from both sides of its genetics are definitely on the front of the profile, while the limonene comes in a close second, followed by a small hint of black pepper in the back of my nose.  I expected to smell a little dank pine, but none is evident to my nostrils.

Smoking it is a dream, and yes, I know that seems like a pun. It's not harsh at all and the flavor is as smooth on the exhale as you would expect to find from its pedigree.  The batch that I purchased was harvested on April 13th of this year by Bold Cultivation and tested at 17.1% THC and 0.048% CBD per gram.  This dose is on the milder side of concentrations but at the best level for my tolerance and my high-functioning mental issues.  It makes me feel motivated without being antsy, anxious, or more paranoid than usual.  Paired with a cup of nice organic, single-source coffee in the morning makes me feel as though I've taken one of those clear pills from Limitless and I'm immediately alert and enlightened.

On appearance this flower gets a 10/10.  The nugs are powdery, shimmery and vibrant.  The terpene profile also gets full marks - I've yet to have another flower smell this good to me other than Cotton Candy which is almost unfair considering that strain's Lavender Kush lineage.  All across the board this sativa dominant hybrid goes to the top of my list next to Green Crack and Khalifa Kush for my wake and bake choices and to keep me going during the day.  Nice job, Bold!

May 13, 2020

Scary name, sweet flower

White Widow bud via

It's no secret that white widow is a highly sought after strain in the cannabis community, and rightfully so. With it's strong cerebral lift and smooth body high I can understand why smokers from all over the world are scrambling to get their hands on this strain.

The flower I purchased was from Native Green Wellness, and cultivated by Natural State Medicinals.  It was harvested in February of this year and the lab tests show this batch was at 18.7% THC with no CBD present. 

White Widow from Natural State Medicinals

Native indicates that this particular harvest of White Widow from NSM is a 60/40 sativa/indica hybrid. However, the Indian roots of this flower's terpenes made me feel completely relaxed and tingly from head to toe.  I was still able to function, but not much.  The effect of the indica was strong enough that I was alert, yet unable to move, almost like sleep paralysis.  Don't plan on getting a lot done that involves being up on your feet - this flower will make you want to sink into the couch for hours of scrolling TikTok.  It's a savage.

The buds of flower that I got were so tightly packed that it was hard to pull apart for grinding.  I'm not sure if it was just cured that way, or if it got smushed in those wonderful plastic envelopes from the dispensary. It was almost as if it was compacted.  I didn't get a lot of volume for my money by weight. An eighth looked like a gram and a half in the bag.

It smokes nice and has a smooth inhale, not harsh on the lungs or a strong smell of skunk. It is mostly floral and piney, with a whiff of skunk on the end.  It smells good burning, but I've yet to try it in my dry herb vaporizer to fully experience the terpene profile that this flower has to offer.

From me it gets a solid 7.5/10.  I've had better sativa dominant hybrids with this ratio since, but I won't turn it down if it's my only option.

May 11, 2020

Dissapointed but hopeful

I wanted to be excited to return to Native Green Wellness after my first visit, but instead it's become a last resort.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, my first experience at Native Green Wellness dispensary - which is located on Hwy 167 between Sheridan and East End - was a notably  memorable one, but not in a good way.  I ordered my products online ahead of time, thankfully, but with two separate lines outside the front door it was hard to tell how exactly they were operating.  Due to no fault of their own, patrons are not following the recommended 6 foot of space guideline for social distancing and being around that many people made me extremely anxious and panicky.  Needless to say I instantly felt the need to medicate as my morning dose had worn off between the coffee and the almost two hour one way trip from El Dorado.

They were allowing three people into their small lobby area at first, which is already crowded with an ATM, seating area, and lots of potted plants, but nevertheless small to begin with.  I'm sure that in and of itself would have made me nervous even without the showroom being closed.  I have been to two other dispensaries in south Arkansas during the coronavirus pandemic and they were doing everything in their power to keep their showroom opened as well as accommodate for those who wish to take advantage of many locations' new curbside pickup option.  

On my second visit back just last week, things had not changed unfortunately.  And I had an awful experience with an elderly lady who got way too close for comfort on top of everything else about the situation that was stressing me out.  They were the closest dispensary that had a certain kind of flower I was looking for, but in hind sight I wish I had gone to Texarkana or Malvern.

My main complaint is their packaging. There's absolutely nothing about it that I like.  It's not smell proof or child proof, and after being in the plastic zip top envelopes for so long my buds are starting to get really tight and hard to separate and prepare for using.  I can't repackage due to citations within the Arkansas Medical Marijuana act, so I'm stuck with about 5 grams of flower that I'm having to use up first because its quality is going down by the day.  100 points from your house, Native Green.

The staff there is friendly but short and to the point.  I'm sure in a different situation they are great to talk to and get to know, but they seem rushed and much too busy due to the supply and demand issue that's been forced upon them by this contagion situation.  I do feel however that it would be better for the customers and the staff for their dispensary to be opened, but ultimately that's not my decision.  My hope is that they will see this review and consider putting an action plan into place to remedy the situation.

Due to the fact that Noah's Ark is taking FOR-EV-ER to be finished my closest choices are Native, Suite 443, and both dispensaries in Texarkana.  Until all guidelines are lifted and due to their for lack of a better word crappy packaging, I don't think I will be returning to Native Green for my cannabis needs for a while.  It's unfortunate, but I have to do what is best for myself and my mental health and it's just not worth having a panic attack.

Sorry, guys.  I hope that maybe after everything goes back to normal that I can write an updated review and have more positive things to say!!

May 7, 2020

First edibles project!

These aren't your grandma's brownies

Yesterday is the first time I've made and consumed edibles.

Yes, ever.

People that know me will tell you that I'm obsessed with ANYTHING that says Funfetti on the box.  Pancakes? Yep.  Coffee creamer?  You bet.  So when I saw these brownies at the grocery store you know I had to snatch them up.

I went to the dispensary this week and picked up some more flower - I'll have a dispensary review of Native Green Wellness up this weekend!  I got 3.5g of Lemon Cello with the sole purpose of decarbing it and turning it into infused coconut oil.  I liked the idea of coconut oil because then it will have multiple application purposes, and coconut oil has a higher smoke point than butter (unless it's clarified or ghee) or other plant based oils.

The first step to edibles is decarboxylating your flower or concentrate.  There's a great instructional video and step by step instructions on CannCook TV's Website.  You can find that here.  Decarboxylating is necessary for converting the THC(a) (tetrahydrocannabidiolic acid) and CBD(a) (cannabidiolic acid) along with any other cannabidoids in raw flower or concentrate to the forms that are absorbed through the body by the endocannabinoid system.  Heating your raw material to a certain temperature converts the THC(a) and CBD(a) to THC and CBD (tetrahydrocannabidiol and cannabidiol) which are the two main active components in the cannabis plant!  I could talk about this all day but feel free to do your own research on the subject of the decarboxylation process.

I used 4g by weight of flower, 3g of THC flower and 1g of CBD flower.  I used my Ninja blender with a small container to grind the flower into a medium-fine texture, making sure that the stems and trim-type material were included and broken up well.  For this recipe I used a 3:1 ratio of Lemon Cello flower at 21.6% THC and 0.32% CBD and some Special Sauce CBD flower at 19.6% (both from Native Green Wellness).  I transferred the mixture to a pint jar with a lid and baked it in the oven in a shallow pan at 225 degrees for 2 hours. To find the potential dosage, you take the concentration% x 10 to find the dosage per gram by weight, which made my 4g of flower approximately 220 mg THC/200 mg of CBD, respectively.  Since I used 3 grams of CBD flower the entire amount came out to 660/200 THC/CBD.

After the flower was finished decarbing and slightly cooled, I took a wide-mouth quart jar and added 2 cups of virgin, refined coconut oil that had been gently melted and allowed to cool to a temperature that was safe to work with and poured it in the large jar.  I then added the decarbed flower, screwed on the lid, and put it in the oven in a shallow pan to create indirect heat at 250 degrees for about an hour.  After an hour I swirled the jar to stir the oil, and then returned it to the oven for about another thirty minutes.  Right here is a great informational post about infusing oils on CannaCook.  I carefully removed it from the oven and let it cool for about an hour before proceeding to the next step - straining!

Finished infused coconut oil before straining

I used a piece of clean cheesecloth and strained it into a glass measuring cup and then transferred the strained infused oil back into the original quart jar that I used.  These are the doses per measurement of this completed batch: Coconut Oil 5/5/2020

I used 2/3C (160ml) infused oil to make the brownies as outlined by the directions on the package.  I'll save you from the math from trying to figure out how much the dosage is per piece!  I cut the brownies into 24 even pieces which brought each piece out to ~9/3 THC/CBD which is a perfect dose for most people's tolerance.

I got a great relaxed body feeling from the extra dosage of CBD as well as an elevated cranial feeling from the majority of sativa in the Lemon Cello flower that I used!  This process took a few hours but was super easy and I'll definitely be doing it more in the future!  I have a great appreciation and respect for the labs in the state mass producing our ready to eat edibles for the dispensaries, and fully understand why most edibles from the dispensaries have such a hefty price tag!  This oil would be great for topical use or to make some AWESOME "shatterproof" coffee!

I hope this post has been helpful and that you will take it upon yourself to try making your own edibles in the future!  Please visit and checkout CannaCook TV on YouTube for great videos of infused recipes from my ARK420 Podcast Co-Host, Christopher Miles and his lovely wife, Chelsie!!

May 4, 2020

This strain and I are best buds

Osage Creek Cotton Candy at Red River Remedy via
Let me tell you about my best friend...
She's an indica dominant hybrid that I can always depend on.
Any time I call on her, no matter the need, time of day, how much of herself she has to give, she is always there for me when I need her.
Her name is Cotton Candy and no, she's not a stripper.

When I first got my medical marijuana card, I wanted to put my education about medical cannabis to the test.  Doing research and self education is the best tool for a cannabis user, and when deciding what new strains to try I had a pretty good idea of the ratio I was going for.  Then Cotton Candy came into my life and I've never been more happy with a decision in regards to choosing a new strain to add to my medicine box.

Cotton Candy is an indica dominant strain that comes from a cross of Power Plant x Lavender genetics. Power Plant's roots grow deep into South African sativas, while Lavender (more commonly known as Lavender Kush) shares its origins with Super Skunk and Afghani Hawaiian.  The combination of these two strains brings a complex terpene profile and buds that are dark green, laced with trichomes, thick red hairs, yet small and on the dense side.  Even after this batch was harvested in January the flower I purchased this weekend was still super sticky yet fluffy enough to pull apart with your fingers.  It crackles like wet wood at me when I light it and that puts a big smile on my face.

The effects for me are mostly in my body, but a light cerebral affect eases my anxiety and everything bothering me slowly floats away like a feather in the wind.  At 19.6% THC and no CBD, this strain is a heavy hitter and not for the inexperienced cannabis user, yet is easy to love.  From the research I've done most grows of this flower come out to approximately 70/30 indica/sativa.  I am still able to get a lot done and focus with an overall uplifting feeling, but I am lured by the urge to relax and binge watch TV for hours while sipping coffee.  This strain is great for me on days when I can allow myself to casually entertain the idea of being productive but mostly relax and enjoy the physical feeling it gives that is akin to easing into a warm bath with essential oils and surrounded by warm, flickering candles.

This one is definitely in the front of my medicine safe and the first container I reach to for immediate relief of anything that's bothering me at the moment. 10/10 recommend!!

For South Arkansas patients, you can find this batch of Cotton Candy at both Red River Remedy and Bloom Medicinals in Texarkana but hurry - the 3.5 gm I got on Friday was looking like they are getting to the end of their run of this harvest!!