May 19, 2020

Maybe not radioactive

Chernobyl - a sativa dominant hybrid from Bold Cultivation

As I had said in my last post, I was on my last pretty bud of Green Crack and needed something to pick me up before I completely ran out.  After reading some reviews, they led me to this gorgeous sativa dominant hybrid at Red River Remedy in Texarkana.

Chernobyl is definitely not for the faint at heart - it hits as hard as you would imagine.

This flower smells great and is beautiful to look at.  The nugs are long and slender due to its sativa heritage but there are large flat leaves that are darker scattered throughout.  Brace yourself before hitting the bowl, though.  It almost always makes me cough and hits your chest like a full-flavor cigarette.  Almost too harsh to be tolerable.

The effect is more in my body than I would like. My head feels detached and I'm pretty buzzy which is making it hard to concentrate on writing this review to begin with!

I will smoke through what I have, there's no crying over spilled milk. But I probably won't be going back to this particular strain after all is said and done.