May 22, 2020

Chocolate and cannabis - two of my favorite things

I'm kind of a newbie to making my own edibles but thanks to some clear instructions and guidance from Chelsie and Chris over at CannaCook, I got these chocolates and this double chocolate banana bread done in no time.

Seriously the hardest part of making your own edibles is the math - too strong of a batch and you'll be knocking yourself and anyone else out, not strong enough and you'll feel like you wasted your flower or concentrate.

This last batch of infused oil I made with 100% landrace indica turned out beautiful and even better than my last batch.  It came out to 516 mg total for 14 oz of coconut oil and it was a deep green, almost the same hue as virgin olive oil.

I've since used it to make a batch of infused chocolates and double chocolate banana bread (pictured below).  The chocolates were dosed for micro-dosing.  I knew Aunt Flo was coming and I don't even want to know she's here at all.  The mini loaves banana bread were purposely made a little on the stronger side for a bedtime snack before bed with a glass of milk.  One of these and I slip right off to dreamland but wake up refreshed and ready to face the day which is completely different than my previous experience with pharmaceutical drugs like Trazadone or Ambien.

I hope these edibles posts will encourage you to try your own edibles as well!

Easy Decarb in a Jar can be found by following this link.
Taste of Home Double Chocolate Banana bread - just substitute the fat called for in the recipe with your infused oil or butter!