May 16, 2020

Always had high hopes

Lucid Blue (Lucid Dream) from Bold Cultivation
After experiencing the jaw dropping sativa effects of Green Crack (still sad that it's all gone) I was hard pressed to find another strain that gave me the same cerebral stimulus as that particular strain.  When doing some research, I had great expectations upon running across this love child of Blue Dream and Amnesia Haze.  The two phenotypes stand alone but together they made one beautiful baby.

The nuggets are pale sage with bright orange hairs scattered throughout and tinted slightly yellow from the abundance of trichomes all over this flower. It's as gorgeous to look at as it is to smell - immediately I'm reminded of breathing in the wafting steam from a warm cup of green tea with lemon.  The herbal terpenes from both sides of its genetics are definitely on the front of the profile, while the limonene comes in a close second, followed by a small hint of black pepper in the back of my nose.  I expected to smell a little dank pine, but none is evident to my nostrils.

Smoking it is a dream, and yes, I know that seems like a pun. It's not harsh at all and the flavor is as smooth on the exhale as you would expect to find from its pedigree.  The batch that I purchased was harvested on April 13th of this year by Bold Cultivation and tested at 17.1% THC and 0.048% CBD per gram.  This dose is on the milder side of concentrations but at the best level for my tolerance and my high-functioning mental issues.  It makes me feel motivated without being antsy, anxious, or more paranoid than usual.  Paired with a cup of nice organic, single-source coffee in the morning makes me feel as though I've taken one of those clear pills from Limitless and I'm immediately alert and enlightened.

On appearance this flower gets a 10/10.  The nugs are powdery, shimmery and vibrant.  The terpene profile also gets full marks - I've yet to have another flower smell this good to me other than Cotton Candy which is almost unfair considering that strain's Lavender Kush lineage.  All across the board this sativa dominant hybrid goes to the top of my list next to Green Crack and Khalifa Kush for my wake and bake choices and to keep me going during the day.  Nice job, Bold!