May 11, 2020

Dissapointed but hopeful

I wanted to be excited to return to Native Green Wellness after my first visit, but instead it's become a last resort.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, my first experience at Native Green Wellness dispensary - which is located on Hwy 167 between Sheridan and East End - was a notably  memorable one, but not in a good way.  I ordered my products online ahead of time, thankfully, but with two separate lines outside the front door it was hard to tell how exactly they were operating.  Due to no fault of their own, patrons are not following the recommended 6 foot of space guideline for social distancing and being around that many people made me extremely anxious and panicky.  Needless to say I instantly felt the need to medicate as my morning dose had worn off between the coffee and the almost two hour one way trip from El Dorado.

They were allowing three people into their small lobby area at first, which is already crowded with an ATM, seating area, and lots of potted plants, but nevertheless small to begin with.  I'm sure that in and of itself would have made me nervous even without the showroom being closed.  I have been to two other dispensaries in south Arkansas during the coronavirus pandemic and they were doing everything in their power to keep their showroom opened as well as accommodate for those who wish to take advantage of many locations' new curbside pickup option.  

On my second visit back just last week, things had not changed unfortunately.  And I had an awful experience with an elderly lady who got way too close for comfort on top of everything else about the situation that was stressing me out.  They were the closest dispensary that had a certain kind of flower I was looking for, but in hind sight I wish I had gone to Texarkana or Malvern.

My main complaint is their packaging. There's absolutely nothing about it that I like.  It's not smell proof or child proof, and after being in the plastic zip top envelopes for so long my buds are starting to get really tight and hard to separate and prepare for using.  I can't repackage due to citations within the Arkansas Medical Marijuana act, so I'm stuck with about 5 grams of flower that I'm having to use up first because its quality is going down by the day.  100 points from your house, Native Green.

The staff there is friendly but short and to the point.  I'm sure in a different situation they are great to talk to and get to know, but they seem rushed and much too busy due to the supply and demand issue that's been forced upon them by this contagion situation.  I do feel however that it would be better for the customers and the staff for their dispensary to be opened, but ultimately that's not my decision.  My hope is that they will see this review and consider putting an action plan into place to remedy the situation.

Due to the fact that Noah's Ark is taking FOR-EV-ER to be finished my closest choices are Native, Suite 443, and both dispensaries in Texarkana.  Until all guidelines are lifted and due to their for lack of a better word crappy packaging, I don't think I will be returning to Native Green for my cannabis needs for a while.  It's unfortunate, but I have to do what is best for myself and my mental health and it's just not worth having a panic attack.

Sorry, guys.  I hope that maybe after everything goes back to normal that I can write an updated review and have more positive things to say!!