May 13, 2020

Scary name, sweet flower

White Widow bud via

It's no secret that white widow is a highly sought after strain in the cannabis community, and rightfully so. With it's strong cerebral lift and smooth body high I can understand why smokers from all over the world are scrambling to get their hands on this strain.

The flower I purchased was from Native Green Wellness, and cultivated by Natural State Medicinals.  It was harvested in February of this year and the lab tests show this batch was at 18.7% THC with no CBD present. 

White Widow from Natural State Medicinals

Native indicates that this particular harvest of White Widow from NSM is a 60/40 sativa/indica hybrid. However, the Indian roots of this flower's terpenes made me feel completely relaxed and tingly from head to toe.  I was still able to function, but not much.  The effect of the indica was strong enough that I was alert, yet unable to move, almost like sleep paralysis.  Don't plan on getting a lot done that involves being up on your feet - this flower will make you want to sink into the couch for hours of scrolling TikTok.  It's a savage.

The buds of flower that I got were so tightly packed that it was hard to pull apart for grinding.  I'm not sure if it was just cured that way, or if it got smushed in those wonderful plastic envelopes from the dispensary. It was almost as if it was compacted.  I didn't get a lot of volume for my money by weight. An eighth looked like a gram and a half in the bag.

It smokes nice and has a smooth inhale, not harsh on the lungs or a strong smell of skunk. It is mostly floral and piney, with a whiff of skunk on the end.  It smells good burning, but I've yet to try it in my dry herb vaporizer to fully experience the terpene profile that this flower has to offer.

From me it gets a solid 7.5/10.  I've had better sativa dominant hybrids with this ratio since, but I won't turn it down if it's my only option.