May 4, 2020

This strain and I are best buds

Osage Creek Cotton Candy at Red River Remedy via
Let me tell you about my best friend...
She's an indica dominant hybrid that I can always depend on.
Any time I call on her, no matter the need, time of day, how much of herself she has to give, she is always there for me when I need her.
Her name is Cotton Candy and no, she's not a stripper.

When I first got my medical marijuana card, I wanted to put my education about medical cannabis to the test.  Doing research and self education is the best tool for a cannabis user, and when deciding what new strains to try I had a pretty good idea of the ratio I was going for.  Then Cotton Candy came into my life and I've never been more happy with a decision in regards to choosing a new strain to add to my medicine box.

Cotton Candy is an indica dominant strain that comes from a cross of Power Plant x Lavender genetics. Power Plant's roots grow deep into South African sativas, while Lavender (more commonly known as Lavender Kush) shares its origins with Super Skunk and Afghani Hawaiian.  The combination of these two strains brings a complex terpene profile and buds that are dark green, laced with trichomes, thick red hairs, yet small and on the dense side.  Even after this batch was harvested in January the flower I purchased this weekend was still super sticky yet fluffy enough to pull apart with your fingers.  It crackles like wet wood at me when I light it and that puts a big smile on my face.

The effects for me are mostly in my body, but a light cerebral affect eases my anxiety and everything bothering me slowly floats away like a feather in the wind.  At 19.6% THC and no CBD, this strain is a heavy hitter and not for the inexperienced cannabis user, yet is easy to love.  From the research I've done most grows of this flower come out to approximately 70/30 indica/sativa.  I am still able to get a lot done and focus with an overall uplifting feeling, but I am lured by the urge to relax and binge watch TV for hours while sipping coffee.  This strain is great for me on days when I can allow myself to casually entertain the idea of being productive but mostly relax and enjoy the physical feeling it gives that is akin to easing into a warm bath with essential oils and surrounded by warm, flickering candles.

This one is definitely in the front of my medicine safe and the first container I reach to for immediate relief of anything that's bothering me at the moment. 10/10 recommend!!

For South Arkansas patients, you can find this batch of Cotton Candy at both Red River Remedy and Bloom Medicinals in Texarkana but hurry - the 3.5 gm I got on Friday was looking like they are getting to the end of their run of this harvest!!