Jun 8, 2020

In tribute

Matthew Zachary Shaw - 27 years old

Those of you who know me know that I lost one of my very close friends last week.  If you knew Zack and even if you weren't part of the cannabis community, then you know the hear that he had for helping others discover all of the benefits of cannabis.  He wasn't only an advocate - he was an educator, a mentor, and had a passion for teaching people about everything he knew about the cannabis plant.

We took a hiatus from the podcast this week in solidarity of my sweet friend.  Christopher had the benefit of knowing Zack as well and both of our hearts are heavy and hurting.

In memory of Zachary, I'll be picking up his mantle and will soon be doing my own volunteer work in the cannabis community.  In the mean time, for anyone needing information on how to become a cannabis patient and obtaining your medical marijuana card and also with financial assistance or educational resources, you can contact myself or Christopher at cannacooktv@bulldozerhealth.org or Wendy Love Edge on Facebook.

Fly high, Zack.  This bowl is for you, babe.  I love you and miss you so very much.