Jun 10, 2020

Welcome to the jungle.. cake?

I've learned to love a good hybrid.  When you find the right one with the perfect balance of indica to help you relax, sativa to make you happy and giddy with a little CBD to ease your aches and pains it is a gem that should be treasured forever.

Some of the new strains from the cultivators have started to make their way into the dispensaries in the southern part of the state and I can't lie - I've bought a gram here and there of a few to try and I'm working through them so I can get reviews up, but this Jungle Cake from Native Green Wellness brought all of that to a screeching halt.  This one is special and deserves to be enjoyed and not rushed and definitely put on a pedestal like the beautiful cake that she is.

Leafly boasts this indica dominant hybrid as a "must try strain" and I have to agree.  After getting a little too sleepy from some Black Cherry OG yesterday, I loaded up a bowl of this to perk myself back up and boy did it do the trick!  Five minutes later my cousin (who is also a patient) and I were giggling so hard we were crying.  Next thing you know we are having a picnic at the lake and enjoying the fresh air for a little while.  She said her stress and menstrual cramps went away almost instantly, and the sadness that weighs heavy on our heart from the loss of our sweet friend, Zachary, weren't so weighty for a while.

The smell on the nose at first whiff is pretty dank, but I would expect no less from the herbal terpenes that this particular flower boasts.  It smokes like a dream.  No coughing fits at all.  Just instant relief from every stress and worry that surrounds you, and then your giggle box gets thrown open.  The limonene terps up front in this bud make me feel really good.  

This particular batch came in at 19.6% THC and 0.266% CBD (by weight per gram dosage = 196/2) and was the perfect amount of chill and happy that I long for in an indica dominant hybrid.  This cross of White Fire and Wedding Cake was perfectly engineered for an all day smoke kind of indica dominant hybrid.  Seeing as how my birthday is coming up on Saturday, I'm feeling like this will be a perfect strain to keep me going all day (and night maybe, who knows!) without making me want to crawl in bed for a nap.  Definitely recommend for anything that ails you at all, physically and mentally!