Jul 28, 2020

Eleven Roses OCC

    I haven't been able to make myself write a review on this strain because it was the last one that Zack and I smoked together, but I feel like he would want the world to know how good this plant medicine is for someone who has anxiety and chronic pain.

    It smells mostly of pine and skunk, with a slight wet grass smell when it's burning.  It's strong but not overly harsh on the lungs, and this batch from Osage is a good strength to microdose.

    I immediately feel my anxiety go away, and my hyperextended knee doesn't bother me so much... which is a big deal considering I'm not taking any over the counter medications for it at all.

    I highly recommend this strain for anyone with acute to chronic pain, anxiety, and PTSD. A little too much just puts me right to sleep.

From Weedmaps.com at Red River Dispensary:
Total THC/A20.9%
Eleven Roses is an Indica Dominant Hybrid bred by Delicious seeds and is a cross between Sugar Black Rose and Appalachian Kush. This mixture of genetics created a strain with a stunning palette of color and taste. The flowers and sugar leaves display colors of green, yellow, red, and purple. This strain is recommended for end of the day. Medicinal benefits include: pain relief, insomnia relief, anxiety, and depression relief. Cultivated by: Osage Creek Cultivation.